Au pair

After my beautiful trip around Australia as an au pair I decided to continue the adventure in France by working for the agency Fée rêvée which helped me to be an au pair.

If you also would like to be an Au pair in Europe, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or China we have got many great opportunities for you and great families who would love to welcome you.

Have a look here :

Shangri la Hotel

Best place best view best hotel to have a delicious cocktail and have a wonderful evening ? Go to the Rocks and take the lift in Shangri-la Hotel 20140724_201313:). The name of the bar is the Blu Bar on 36 an altitude restaurant at the 36th floor. of the hotel.

You would like to have a view on the harbour bridge and the opera ? No worries take a seat in the main room and enjoy one of the best view in Sydney.

At Blu Bar the cocktails have been created by Blu Bar’s talented Mixologists. But if you want your favourite that is not on the cocktail menu don’t hesitate to ask to the team, they will shake it up for you !
Just to give you an idea you can order a « Paradise » what is inside ? the taste of the Paradise. Lychee and pomegranate liquor with Martini Prosecco. Or « Madame Devine » Hendricks Gin, apple and peach liqueurs, lemon juice, egg white and rose syrup. Named after Sydney’s original notorious gang member
But if you prefer take a glass or bottle of champagne or wine they are also on the menu.
The prices for cocktails are between $18 and $25.
Chic chic.



Weekend Jervis Bay

Would you like to spend a weekend away from Sydney ?

Have you got 2 days off (or more) ? One of the perfect destination is Jervis Bay ! At 2.45-3hours from Sydney come to discover several beautiful beaches with white sand and chill in the sun. If you don’t have one, you should definitely rent a car and go with your friends or boy(girl)friend !

1486574_10203322069754060_1040735977_nJervis Bay is famous for white-sand beaches and clear turquoise waters, when we went there with my friends in april the weather was perfect, you can go anytime. We saw beautiful wildlife all around the bay, kangaroos wallabies but also dolphins it was just amazing.

Hyams beach is nice for a swim, walks on the sand. On others beaches you can also if you like sport go kayaking, rent a boat, try the standup paddle or go surfing. It’s such a great place to move and enjoy many activities.

Take a break and enjoy this aussie weekend !

Land of Kangaroos

You haven’t seen kangaroos yet ?!
I know the place to go ! It’s called Morisset, almost 2hours by train in North of Sydney. When you arrive at the train station you still have to take a bus or a taxi, the land of kangaroos is situated close to Morisset hospital.
You will see it’s really cool you can watch and touch many kangaroos everywhere chilling and jumping sometimes with babies in their pouch.


Enjoy this australian way of life
And please don’t give them food because it’s not good for them and they can start to be agressive.

Group Fitness

If you like sport, if you want to loose some weight, or if you just want to have fun I found the perfect group fitness ! I tried several health club around Balmain, Rozelle but this one is the best, best quality for the best price.

It’s called Blue fit, localised in Lane Cove, let’s go and get motivated 🙂 They have awesome aquatic and fitness facilities,you should have a look there and start to be a member. You can do some group fitness as body pump, zumba, pilates, cardio boxing, or even train for big runs (marathon…). It’s a huge center, so if you want to train on your own, you might use a cycle, or machines for musculation, there are always trainers to help you, to indicate what is the best to do, best position for your body.

You may be interested by the swimming pools, one 50m outside, one very nice inside, litlle ones also for kids. So you can practice or do activities like aqua aerobics, aqua box…

If you choose to be a member you will have the possibility to meet a personnal trainer, who can follow during this process, help you, give you advices, find the best exercices, train you… it’s awesome.

Bluefit health clubs offer memberships for those people who want to start or maintain an healthy and fit lifestyle 🙂 you will have the 5 steps to success program, on-going program reviews, unlimited access to the centre and group fitness classes to enjoy. Try 3 days for free and see if you like it 🙂

On se jette à l’eau

Hair – Beauty – Make up

Ladies, in Sydney the prices to go to the hairdresser or have a make up are very expensive, but I found the perfect solution !

I tested for you the Australian College in Brodway, it’s a training college with students performing the treatments and services in hair, beauty and make up. And I liked it ! No worries they are teachers around if the students or you, have a question, they keep an eye on them and help if they need. Please come, the best is to take your morning or afternoon, because as I said before they are training to be professional, so it will take longer than a qualified Hairstylist, Beauty therapist or Nail technician.

Everyone is there to learn, meet people, you can really trust them. I went there one day, I was blond and I changed in brown hair, it was Sans titreawesome ! And also very cheap, 50$ for a permanente colour extra long, with massage of the head, whashing… I was very happy about the result.

If I can give you an advice come a bit earlier than the appointment, because many people like you are going there, actually when I arrived 6 people where already inside waiting for the hairdresser, and I had to wait 30min.

In this college, the students can do your hair (wash/cut for FREE, permanente colour, foils…), beauty treatment (arm or leg wax, body scrub, massage, manicure/pedicure 10$…) and also they offer FREE Make up ! You just have to call maybe 3-4days before and book an appointment.

Prendre du temps pour soi, pour être belle

Go to Vietnam

Would you like to go to Vietnam in just 30min ?

Well why not ! There is nothing easier, go to n°333 Crown street, to the restaurant Xage. If you look inside, there is not a lot of decoration, it’s very simple, cosy and there are always many people, laughing, speaking high, very good atmosphere, very nice to hang out. The tables are close to each others, and it’s an indoor/outdoor dining area.

About the food it’s just delicious, simple also, but so good ! Modern vietnamese food, with fresh products, everything is home made, you can look at the chief in the kitchen, concentrate during the rush. The menu is composed of entree, freh rice paper rolls (speciality vietnamese), you could also take a salad/soup or wok fry.10434307_10203785282534090_8356363064421102475_n

Personnaly with my friend we were very hungry so we tried the « Fried rice with nem nướng red chicken » and it was lovely, the price was 17.8$. We enjoyed it, very tasty, full of aromas, and you could ask if you want a meal spicy. It’s open 7 nights (6-10pm) and it’s a BYO so you can take your bottle of wine, irresistible with this food !

The team is helpfull, when we went there, a woman had a birthday and all the restaurant sang for her, even if people eating !

S’envoler vers les pays de l’est

Ivy nightclub

You don’t know what to do on thursday evening ?

No problem I have the solution, go to Ivy ! In the city, on Georges St, the entrance is free all the night but be sure that you arrive before 11pm if you want to go at the 4th floor in the pacha and dance close to the swimming pool (or inside). Many backpackers, au pair, students on thursday night.

This nightclub has 10 bars, 4 levels and 3 stages, and the best a swimming pool on the roof, it’s open sometimes also on sunday you can enjoy the view and the sun. On saturday nights it’s just crazy, shows all the time, special guests, singers, dj from everywhere. Everybody is happy, having glass or bottle during the night at the bar. One of the place to be.

Dancer toute la nuit.

Lovely walk

Spend one day at Watson bay.

There is a lovely walk to do at Watson bay, you should first take the ferry from Circular Quay to get there (around 5-6$) the view is awesome, the boat floats on the waves, and your hair flies away. Such a perfect day which starts. Enjoy your trip then when you arrive there, take Cove st and go to Camp cove, a beach in the north perfect for families who wants to play in the sand, relax on the sun and swim. Just for a little bit of history, Arthur Phillip the founder of Sydney and first governor come for the first time by this beach in 1788.

1356701498_335After this beach you should continue the walk and go north to lady bay (beach of nudist) and watch the installations and buildings for the australian navy. Then you will be at the South Head, where you can go on the hornby lighthouse with red and white stripes and old cottages (1858). The view is spectacular on the bay and the waves which are crushed against the shore.

Take Cliff st and go to the Gap, a huge cliff in front of the Pacific Ocean and you can see the city. Several marriages and unfortunately suicides are required at this place. You can continue on the way and have your picnic close to the gap on a bench, on the grass, or on a big rock.

By Hopetoun ave you will arrive on the little and hidden beach called Parsley bay. If you are courageous and I know you are, go to Nielsen park, have a walk on the park, look at the Greycliffe House, or take a swim at Shark beach.

After this beautiful day, you can take a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or an ice cream ! Congretulations you did it ! Take a bus to the city n°380 or 325.

La vie est belle


Exchange hotel Balmain

I went to this pub in Balmain one night –> Exchange Hotel

An historic pub built in 1885, the decoration is old and very well designed. In a dark atmosphere you feel like you are in your living room, little lights, a massive candlestick with horns of animal, many comfortable seats, sofas, and armchairs in the middle of the room. A good bar where you can order what ever you like. Try a glass of sparkling or red wine perfect, then take a 20140328_221304seat and relax.

There is a library in an other room at the back and an awesome american pool table ! You just have to pay 3$ then you can play a match with your friends. Just for fun ! Or for competition what ever you like. On sunday, monday and tuesday it’s just 1$ to play !

Upstairs there is also a balcony, and a bar where you might order a fruity cocktail.

Jouer jusqu’au petit matin.